A bedside table is a small table of a cabinet form set beside a bed. It is an alternative to a night table. It has bedside shelves and drawers designed for bedroom storage. It can hold items like a bedside lamp, essential applicant oils, sleeping masks, phone stands, and a catchall tray.

Why get such a table?

These tables are needed for the temporary storage of items one needs before sleeping, after waking up, and during the night. Some uses of such tables include:

  • Reducing time wastage during the night routines.
  • Enhancing cleanliness as items are arranged better.
  • Reducing inappropriate accidents.
  • Decorations.

What is needed in a quality bedside table?

  • It should have quality furniture
  • The size of the cabinets should match the bed’s measurements.
  • It is designed with drawers and shelves that can accommodate different items.

What do you look for when acquiring bedside tables?

1. Height

The height should be in line with the mattress, and the width should also match. Too much height and extended widths could bring strain when using.

2. Storage space

Items like lamps and sunglasses are likely to occupy ample space on the large bedside tables ( In addition, such tables should match the surroundings e.g mid-century bedside tables are more suitable for mid-century bedrooms.

3. Colour of the bedroom

It is for fashion and style as a nightstand is not a basic necessity. However, it’s essential to match the color with the bed and the bedroom for beauty complexion. A white bed paint should match with white bedside tables.

4. Lights and shades

The lamp light and the shades should match the bed size and hence do not affect the lighting figures and reflections. Tall bedside tables should line tall beds.

5. Reliance

Purchase furniture that is hard, in good shape, and lasts longer. Thus, it depends on the materials used for making it. Pine bedside tables show reliance as they are wood painted hence offering quality and satisfaction. Tylko is among the companies that make cheap bedside tables that are affordable and of good quality.


When looking for a bespoke bedside table or any other, it’s vital to check the items one has and will be kept in it. Consider the complement and the effects it has brought. Also focus on the material, color, height, and width. Tylko is your best partner in making bedside tables in the UK.

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